Rynpark Retirement Estate is the best place to retire in South Africa. With it’s beautiful gardens, open spaces and many features and benefits it is your dream retirement estate.

Included in the many attractions are – affordable levies, a gym, high security, frail care and a great community to mention only a few of the many benefits in this fantastically well run estate.


7 different parks
to choose from


Rynpark consists of 7 parks. Each park has its own character and layout along with different facilities. For instance, a gym will be in one park while Putt-putt will be in another. However, the residents can use the facilities of another park at any time.


011 747-7000

Inexpensive units because of Life rights


Because of Life rights the asking price for the units is so much less than you would pay for a similar unit without life rights.

Financial Security


Rynpark has been run by a very experienced management team for more than four decades and can boast of a very sound financial position as a result.

24 hour control room


Security is taken very seriously. In addition to an electric fence and high walls there is a dedicated control room with cameras that are monitored 24 hours a day.

Interested in finding out more? Phone 011 747-7000


Levy of only R1050 per month


Our levies are so low, often just a fraction of the cost of so many other retirement villages or estates. In addition to the advantage of a low levy we often have so many more facilities than those asking for a high levy.



House prices from only R550 000

As the price of houses varies so much from house to house the prices below are just a very broad indications of the prices. The only way to get an accurate price is to visit the estate and get a specific price on a specific house.

One bedroom with carport – approximately R550 000

One bedroom houses with a garage vary from R570 000 to R670 000.

Two bedroom houses plus garage vary from R920 000 to R1,1 million.

We also have 3 bedroom houses with double garage starting at R1.4 million. 

We now have one, two and three bedroom units available.

Call 011 747-7000 (switch board) or Lillian on 082 331 3199 while stocks last.

I just want to say that I've been living in Rynpark 4 now for the past 6 years and there is no better place to be. There hasn't been one day that I've been sorry I moved here. The facilities we have here and the Management and Maintenance teams do such a good job looking after us. Especially in these hard times of lockdown. It's not easy to please everyone. Thank you so much for all the help I've received since I've been here. Bless you all."
Olga Curtis

Some of the many recent activities

We launched our latest product:
Assisted Living.

Think of Assisted Living as more cost effective than Frail Care. However, the person has to be mobile.

Wine tasting. Ah now that’s a great activity. The hall was packed with enthusiasts keen to taste the samplings of great wines on offer as well as catch up on old friendships.

We often have great events in the various parks. Recently we had a high tea in Rynpark5 that was simply spectacular. The ladies put on a great show all of their own. As you can see from the video that nothing is spared when it comes to sumptuous detail.

There was great excitement as Songs from the Movies was staged in Rynpark1.  

The Boeresport event was such FUN. You can just see the fun that they are having. Brilliant.

The Rynpark bowls team won the tropy again.

To see many more of the great activities that are happening at Rynpark Retirement Estate please follow our Facebook page.

Perfectly located


Rynparks are located in Rynfield Benoni.
One look at a Google Map will tell you how perfectly the Rynparks are located.
They are close to pretty much all the services that you need.
There are several shopping centers right on your doorstep with everything your heart desires.

Free mini bus service

There is even a free mini bus service for those in need but are without transport.
In case you need to have transport to the shops for instance. No problem, just book the trip and we’ll drop you off and pick you up.
Yet another feature that makes Rynpark the best place to retire.


Physical Security


There is another layer of security on top of the electric fence and the high walls with video cameras:
The gate is guarded 24 hours a day and visitors are screened upon entrance.


Gym and extramural activities

One is spoiled for choice there are so many things to do for recreation including: A fully equipped gym, Jukskei, Putt-putt, Libraries, Coffee shop, Knitting Groups, Bible study groups, Lifestyle program, Hand crafts, Snooker room and many braai facilities.

Great community activities. With over 1000 people …


As there are more than 1000 people in the various Rynparks there are always activities going on that you can join in and wonderful people to meet and socialize with.

Free garden maintenance


The gardens are maintained beautifully. The lawns are cut, the edges are trimmed and the leaves are taken away. You don’t have to do a thing if you don’t want to. However, most residents love to garden and keep their gardens in true Rynpark shape.

40 years of experience


As a result of so many years running the park pretty much all the wrinkles have been ironed out so that when you move in things are fabulous.



There are several libraries scattered throughout the parks and you are invited to choose books from any of them.

Clinic services are free of charge


Unlike so many other retirement villages, our clinic services are free.
Rynpark Primary health care team consists of highly experienced Registered Nurses. They provide primary health care services. Our aim is to keep residents independent in their cottage for as long as possible.
We are committed to provide whole person wellness.

The benefits of improved whole-person wellness for older adults are the following:
• Increased quality of life
• Longer and healthier life
• Active social interaction
• Mental and emotional health
• Financial independence

3 CARE centres


The Care Centres are managed by our Professional Care Coordinator team.
The Health Care Team is committed to provide quality care to focus on holistic caregiving addressing the physical, psychological, and spiritual needs as one.
Our Care Centres are not only workplaces but are also a home to our residents.
It is therefore important to provide residents with the highest standard of care in an environment that is homely, secure and comfortable.
At Rynpark we realise that our residents have their own unique needs and to ensure that their needs are met, we offer three different care options.

Lifestyle Care Team

The Lifestyle team focus on changing the culture and enhancing resident wellness by preventing loneliness, Helplessness and Boredom. Various activities of daily living are rolled out daily by the Lifestyle Care Team and volunteers.
They also bring love and sweets on Valentine’s Day.

Gardens and open spaces


The gardens of Rynpark are legendry and contribute to the park-like
atmosphere. There is also a garden club for those who are interested in
taking their gardening to the next level.

Coffee shop


Rynpark has a wonderful coffee shop where the locals love to get together for an an inexpensive meal and a chat. They serve anything from a lovely Breakfast to a gourmet sandwich or a piping hot Cappuccino or tea.

Solar Water Heating


All the units have solar water heating which goes a long way to reducing your electricity bill.

Activities for old and young


One is spoiled for choice there are so many things to do for recreation including: Gym, Jukskei, Putt-putt, Line dancing, Libraries, Coffee shop, Knitting Groups, Bible study groups, Lifestyle program, Hand crafts, Snooker room and many braai facilities.

Close to Airport


Need to get to the airport in a hurry? No worry, it’s just around the corner. 


Bird life


The parks are teeming with bird life including many Dikkops, Guinea fowl, African hoopoe, Gray Lorie to name just a few.

Free internal phone calls


Free phone calls! Now there is something to look forward to.

Want to know more
about house prices?

Please check out our Frequently asked Questions page for more on the price of houses. Click here

Want to know more
about life rights?

Want to know more about how life rights work? Go to our Life Rights Page. Click here

Interested in finding out more? Phone 011 747-7000


Phone us on 011 747-7675  (life rights)     Email: PA@rynpark.co.za

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