HENTRO Services – Home based care.

Our aim is to render an affordable and quality care service for those in need of home based care. The service will be based on a free assessment conducted at your residence to develop a care plan.

Based on the assessment made, the service will be rendered according to the needs identified and your expectations, at an affordable fee, payable on a monthly basis.

The service will be rendered by trained care workers at your place of residence under the auspices and supervision of HENTRO Services.

HENTRO Services specializes in elderly, dementia, and convalescent care for adults.

This practice is registered with the Board of Health Funders, which will enable you to claim for the services rendered by HENTRO Services, from your Medical Aid.

Should continence products be required, they may be purchased at very competitive prices through HENTRO Services.

Our “helping hands” are there for you!

Contact details:

Dr. Hennie van Rensburg

071 052-2872


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