Living Inn

Rynpark has 3 Frail Cares: Rynpark 1 − beds.
Rynpark 4 − Snyman Home: 36 Beds
Rynpark 6 − 56 beds
24 Hour nursing care, 7 days a week
Meals, cleaning of room
Entertainment gets offered to our Frail Care residents, plus at Rynpark 6 there are active arts and craft classes.
Rynpark has 6 hairdressing salons for ladies.
4 Well − stocked beautiful Libraries
Putt−Putt course
Billiard Room
Full equipped Gymnasium

Programmes for entertainment, recreation, church services etc. are arranged for the Aged.
Business Centres are situated three blocks away from Rynpark. Transport to Hospitals can get arranged.


The number of Aged persons is on the increase, and accommodation is becoming more and more difficult to find. Avail yourself of this opportunity to have peace of mind for the rest of your life and to remain self-reliant.

Facilities for patrons that can still function on their own

Existing of:

    Washing/Dry cleaning services
    Cleaning services
    3 Balanced meals per day in the service centrum
    Clinic services 1 per week or on request
    Private doctor and physiotherapist

Other services and facilitations

    Transport services
    Social services
    Entertainment programs
    Activities programs through a lifestyle assistant
    Church services and bible study
    Hair saloons
    Coffee shop
    Access control − 24 hour security


Basic health care services are offered to the occupants of Rynpark 1−7 (891-occupents)

Primary services

It is the services offered to the occupants of the retirement village to function for as long as possible on their own in their own living courters.

Services consist of the following:
Medical services.

        Government doctor
        Private doctor
        Private physiotherapist
        Private speech therapist

    Clinic services

        Physical evaluations and observations
        Wound care
        Referral to doctor or hospital
        Healthcare advice
        Catheter care
        Stoma care
        Home visits
        Emotional help and assistance
    Homecare services
        Basic hygiene (bath, shower, shave and hair care)
        Dressing services
        Bed turning services
        Limited cleaning services

    Meals in the communal centre or delivery on orders placed
    Hair salons
    Social services offered
    Feet care services
    Hearing clinic
    Assisting groups
    CMS Emergency Radio system
    Garden services
    Secondary services
        This is a social activity offered to the occupants to mingle with other people to partake in socialise activities offered
    Services includes:
        Church services, bible studies and care groups
        Activity Programs
        Coffee shop

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