Examples of houses


The minimum age for an occupier is 60 years of age.

If there are more than one occupant at least one needs to be older than 60 years of age.


Partners are allowed as long as both sign the agreement.


No children are allowed to stay with their parents/parent on a permanent basis.

How many parks are there?:

Rynpark is made up of 7 parks in total.
Rynparks 2 through to Rynparks 7 are life rights only. (Phone 011-7005)

Waiting lists for 1 bedroom
and bachelor units


Please note that our waiting list for our one bedroom and bachelor units is full. Keep an eye on our Facebook page for further information on the waiting list for 2024.
We still have rooms with shared bathrooms available for people aged 60 and older who can function independently. Costs are approximately R7 500 pm for a single room and R10 500 pm for a double room – 3 meals, laundry, cleaning services and lifestyle activities included. Approval is subject to a medical report..

Life rights – what are life rights?

As the units in Rynpark are sold by Liferight, a quick explanation may be helpfull:

You own the unit as long as you are alive.
Once you pass on the unit will be sold to another occupant.

(no money goes to the estate once you pass on)

By adopting the liferights principle we are able to sell the units so much less than otherwise.

For more information as regards Life Rights please see our Life Rights page. Please click here.



There are 2 frailcares:
There are frailcares at Rynpark 1 as well as Rynpark 6.

size of houses

One bedroom with carport

55 square meter  – 75 square meters

One bedroom with garage up to 75 square meters


Two bedrooms at Rynpark 2 –101-123 square meters

Two bedrooms at Rynpark 3 – 108-123 square meters

Two bedrooms at Rynpark 4 – 111 to 123 square meters

Two bedrooms at Rynpark 5 – 116 to 138 square meters

Two bedrooms at Rynpark 6 – 139 to 187 square meters

Two bedrooms at Rynpark 7 – 118 to 187 square meters

Approximate price of houses

As the price of houses varies so much from house to house the prices below are just a very broad indication of the prices. The only way to get an accurate price is to visit the estate and get a specific price on a specific house.

One bedroom with carport        –               R550 000 to R590 000

One bedroom with garage          –               R670 000 to R760 000

Two bedroom with garage          –              R860 000 to R1 350 000

Three bedroom                                –            R1 600 000 to R2 000 000


Sequence of purchase

If possible visit Rynpark and get a sense of the units and the various parks.

Get a sense of the cost of the unit that you will be looking for.

Make sure that you have the required capital.

If no units are available fill out an application form to add your name to the waiting list.

Click on here for a pdf of the waiting list

Send proof of payment after making the deposit.

You will be contacted when a unit is available.

Make an appointment to view it.

Once you have selected a unit and you are ready to go ahead with the purchase then you will be required do a medical with your own GP prior to signing the contract.

Click here for Medical forms:

Each member must submit a separate form filled out by their own GP. This can be emailed to Rynpark. lillian@rynpark.co.za.

After signing the contract you will be required to make a 5% deposit. The balance will be required in 30 days.



The policy as regards pets at the present moment is a no pets allowed policy. We are very proud of our wildlife and our immaculate free flowing gardens without fences.

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